Southern Soy Candle

More than just a candle company

As a lotion



Recycle your container.  All soy residue can be washed away with warm soap and water.  This product is made in Metter, Georgia using soy products from American Farmers.  It is created with care using strict quality standards by the hands of an Artisan with over 35 years of cosmetic and food manufacturing experience.

Southern Soy Candle:

a custom product made with only skin safe soy.  Soy is clean burning a natural non-toxic non hazardous product made from soybeans and is completely biodegradable.  All soy residue can be washed away with warm soap and water.  All of our soy is 100% grown by American Farmers.

Remember for best burn, a pool should be across the container before you extinguish the flame.  Soy wax melts at a very low temperature, it can be directly applied to your skin with excellent hydration properties, rich in vitamin E and wonderful emollients to make your skin "baby soft'.  Use this product on a regular basis to improve your skins' texture, tone and elasticity.  (not recommended for use on face)

How to Burn


The wax is warmed by the flickering flame (be cautious) put the flame out before you dip.  Keep wick trimmed to 1/4 inch and burn the candle about one hour before putting the flame out.  This will prolong the life of your candle.  For best usage, a pool should form across the container before you extinguish.